What our students are saying...

  • "My girls love their music lessons are Artistry Academy Music & Art. They are challenged and encouraged at their weekly lessons and have made significant progress! I wouldn't want anyone else teaching my girls. Thanks for offering such high quality music lessons!" --Jenny

  • ​"Artistry Academy is a fun and cool musical environment. I have enjoyed my piano lessons, the pieces I've learned, and I have grown tremendously. I recommend Artistry Academy to people of all ages who want to become more musically talented and have fun at the same time. Artistry Academy has been amazing!--Jonathan (13 years old student).


  • As a senior citizen, playing the piano had been on my "bucket list." The piano teachers at Artistry have been fabulous. They are gentle, caring, and innovative in technique. I am extremely satisfied and doing very well. They changed my life for the better!--Edilia

Our violin lessons are fun, encouraging, and personalized. Students can learn any style in which they are interested (classical, pop, folk, fiddle and more). Our instructors will give a solid violin technique. With young beginning students, their approach includes the use of the Suzuki method in combination with other methods which also help with reading music. More advanced students will continue to advance towards their musical goals.

Violin lessons 5+

Our instructors will help you in singing any style you like! Students can learn pop, rock, Broadway, jazz, country, folk, classical and more. Our students can choose the songs they want to sing.

Students will learn proper vocal technique, warm-ups and breathing exercises, stage presence, and how to increase range, improve pitch, and project their voices.

Drum lessons 5+

In flute lessons, students will learn breathing exercises, embouchure technique, perfect finger technique and posture. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced student, our teachers can assist you in learning classical, folk, popular music or any style you might be interested in.  Also great for students who play in their school band and would like to advance to the next level!

Voice lessons 7+

Flute lessons 7+

In drum lessons, students will learn to read and play in different musical styles and practice dexterity and coordination required for continued learning outside of the classroom. Lessons focus on technique, listening, and coordination, developing not only a successful drummer, but a well-rounded musician. Students can concentrate on any style and the songs they want to learn. We teach drum set and concert percussion lessons.

GUITAR lessons 7+

We offer lessons on acoustic, electric, and bass guitar, and ukulele. Our teachers can teach rock, country, pop, folk, jazz, classical and more. Our beginning guitar students learn chord patterns and open chord positions, tablature, simple melodies and songs, and note reading. Advanced students will progress to more complicated chord progressions, improvisations and advanced guitar technique and songs.

Piano lessons 5+

We can teach students as young as age five, and there is no age limit on starting lessons! Our studios have grand pianos and keyboards available to our students, according to their interest. We offer every style of lessons, from classical to jazz and pop. We also use computer games and apps to help our students learn the fundamental of music in a fun way.

Our music lessons are fun, creative, and individualized according to each student's interest and level. Beginners or younger students will learn how play or sing pieces from their lesson books, learn technique, theory, and play or sing songs that they have always wanted to learn, an even earn prizes each month for practicing! More advanced students can choose pieces according to the style(s) in which they would like to focus. All music students are welcome to perform in our bi-annual recitals. 

All of our teachers have university degrees and can teach beginning to advanced students, and will help your musical growth as they teach you theory, technique, and how to read music. All lessons are one-on-one private instruction.

$115 per month for a 30-minute weekly lesson

$230 per month for a 60-minute weekly lesson

Join at anytime and we pro-rate the first month of lessons or classes.

*All tuition/fees must be paid by pre-authorized debit or credit card.


Music Lessons in Tucson /Oro Valley

Music Lessons in Tucson /Oro Valley

We offer online or in-person music lessons. Do you want to try one lesson or need more information? Please contact us.

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